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Quartz vs Automatic Watches- A guide


22/11/2020 | Watch n Jewels

These days, the debate between quartz and automatic watches is very much alive. Most of the world's finest watches are automatic, mechanical items created painstakingly by some of the globe's finest micro-engineers. These watches frequently sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, the oldest and rarest can sell at an auction for millions.

Automatic watches are very much a purists game, something for those who enjoy tradition and craftsmanship above all else. Naturally, they are also something of a status symbol due to their extremely high cost and rarity. Only the world's richest people can collect these watches.

On the other hand, quartz watches provide a wonderfully accurate, cheap, and durable alternative to the classic style. And no, quartz-based watches aren't cheap, mass-produced items, but the cost of a quartz movement piece tends to be significantly lower than their mechanical cousins.

Quartz watches are popular among all types of watch wearers, from children's novelty watches all the way up to masculine dive timepieces from some highly-esteemed brands.

As we have already mentioned, the difference between quartz vs. automatic watches is purely a matter of personal taste...

How to Choose a Quartz or an Automatic Watch
For those seeking an investment, an item to pass down to your children, or simply one to savour for the rest of your days, go for an automatic mechanical watch. Not only are these timepieces frequently beautiful items, but they are also a window into history and human ingenuity across the centuries.

In contrast, a quartz watch isn't so much an investment as a practical way to tell the time. With that said, there are some wonderful quartz watches that not only function well but look the part, too. By making a significant purchase of a quartz watch, you are buying something that should last for many lifetimes.

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